Circ MedTech is a social enterprise, offering innovative, affordable and scalable public healthcare solutions. Our primary goal is to positively contribute to the global fight against HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases.

The PrePex device was developed by Circ MedTech to facilitate safe, simple, scalable and cost effective non-surgical adult male circumcision programs as part of a comprehensive HIV prevention package. The device was developed in adherence to international standards set by the USA, the EU, the World Health Organization, African government officials, renowned physicians and public health officials worldwide.

The patent pending PrePex device is FDA cleared for marketing in the USA and is certified CE Mark Class IIa device and is currently available for adult men. Circ MedTech is ISO 13485 certified.

We are focused on non-surgical adult male circumcision for HIV prevention in Sub-Saharan Africa, and as such, the device is not yet available elsewhere.